How To Prepare For RIMC Exam 2022

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is a military school for boys situated in Doon Valley, Dehradun in India. The RIMC is a tributary institution for the National Defence Academy, Indian Naval Academy and afterwards the Indian Armed Forces. Alumni of the RIMC are usually represented by Rimcollians, and hold the highest ranks in the Army, Navy and the Air Force of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

RIMC Entrance Exam Coaching Tips

The origins of RIMC, formerly the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, lie in the long-pending demand of Indian nationalists to Indianize the officer cadre of the British Indian Army. Viceroy Lord Curzon took the first solid step towards Indianisation of the officer cadre, in “Memorandum on Commissions for Indians” on 4 June 1900. He established the Imperial Cadet Corps first at Meerut and then at Dehradun in 1901 despite having much opposition. This Imperial Cadet Corps (ICC), popularly known in the Doon Valley as the Rajwada Camp, was the forerunner to the present day RIMC.

RIMC exam or Rashtriya Indian Military College Exam is an Entrance Examination which is conducted twice a year. RIMC or Rashtriya Indian Military College is an Institution that comes under Category A establishment of the Indian Defense. The examination is held with a view to train Indian boys for entry to the Defence Services. Here, are the 10 trips for how to prepare the RIMC Entrance Exam :

1. Solve Previous Year’s Question Paper

If you want to check the exam pattern and how they occur then you can get an idea by solving previous year’s question paper.

2. Enhance Your Technical/ Academic Knowledge

Doing this can come in handy in your personal interview. Many times, interviewers ask such questions. If you are still in 6th class or passed out the interviewer may ask you questions regarding your ongoing course and studies. For example, one may ask you – who is the father of computers?

3. Write &  Make Notes

Make proper notes in your copy or note it down in your own language or points so that it will be easy to remember.

4. Be Updated

Be updated with the national and international news. Be aware of the recent trends and be alert of what’s around the world. 

5. Cultivate Confidence & Improve Speaking Skills

This is something that you really should work on. Building your confidence will definitely help you to perform well in personal interviews, group discussions, group tasks etc. Having good oratory skills will also help you with discussions, projects etc. Invest in this process everyday and you’ll be surprised how helpful it can be.

6. Schedule Management

It regards the management of the time in a smart manner. Master the strategies and save your time. Don’t waste your time solving a question that you don’t plan on solving. Rather jump on to the next question which you can solve and later you can solve the hard ones at the end.

7. Prepare For Mock Test

One of the best ways to know your question solving skills is to solve previous year’s question banks, sample paper and mock test papers. It’ll facilitate you to boost your speed and help you to complete your paper in time.

8. Improve Your General Knowledge

One must read newspapers, TV,Magazines to be updated with the news around the world. The current affairs forms an integral part of this exam. If you want to clear the exam and score well then you must concentrate on this part. Make use of national and international news and watch tv or online affairs to be updated. Guidebooks alone won’t assist you to master current affairs. That’s when TV and NewsPapers come in handy!

9. Practice Makes A Man Perfect

“Practice makes a man perfect” is the correct proverb that fits well in this place. It has always proved to be helpful. Keep practicing the confidence, speaking skills, gathering knowledge, managing a schedule etc. to reach the goals that you’re aiming for.

10. Stay Calm And Relaxed

Last but not the least stay calm and collected in every situation let it be an entrance exam or personal interviews. It always comes in handy to have a relaxed demeanor. It will help you answer better and have a better evaluation of the surroundings.

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