With time and experience, Airmen get promoted to higher ranks during their tenure in the Indian Air Force. Serving Airmen can apply for selection as a Pilot in the Flying Branch if he is within the age group of 19 to 24 years. In addition, Serving Airmen can also apply for the post of Ground Duty Branches as an Officer (other than Medical).

The promotion policy in Indian Air Force is based on the following Criterion:

  1. Annual Appraisal Report (AAR):

The Annual Appraisal Report is the report that is compiled for each personnel of Airmen by his Superior Officer under whom he works.

  1. Promotion Exams:

In addition to AAR, the Airmen also need to clear promotional exams. These exams are necessary to the promotion of Airmen. These exams test the knowledge of Airmen on Indian Air Force Laws & Service Practices, Administration, Military History and Professional Knowledge.

  1. Minimum service:

Minimum Service is also a criterion for the promotion. An Airmen needs to complete a minimum tenure of service in order to be eligible for the promotion. Below is minimum tenure on needs to do in order be eligible for promotion:

RankMin Length of Service
Leading Aircraftsman to Corporal5 Years
Corporal to Sergeant13 Years 6 months
Sergeant to Junior Warrant Officer17 Years
Junior Warrant Officer to Warrant Officer23 Years
Warrant Officer to Master Warrant Officer28 Years

The Salary Split with each rank is shown below:

Rank of Airmen (Promotional Vertical)Pay Matrix LevelStarting Basic PayMilitary Service Pay (MSP)
Aircraftsman3Rs. 21,700Rs. 5,200
Leading Aircraftsman3Rs. 21,700Rs. 5,200
Corporal4Rs. 25,500Rs. 5,200
Sergeant5Rs. 29,200Rs. 5,200
Junior Warrant Officer6Rs. 35,400Rs. 5,200
Warrant Officer7Rs. 44,900Rs. 5,200
Master Warrant Officer8Rs. 47,600Rs. 5,200

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