Tips to Clear NDA Written Exam 2021

Tips to Clear NDA Written Exam

1. Solving previous years’ question papers will help much : If you are really serious about passing the NDA written exam and scoring well in it, consider solving as many question papers that you can lay your hands upon.

2. Learn the shortcuts, when it comes to Mathematics : The mathematics part of the exam is a bit tricky. The questions asked in it are analytical and needs to be worked upon to find the solution. As long as you don’t know the shortcut method, it will for sure take much time and efforts to find the right answer. This often results in waste of time and marks! Learning the shortcut methods using the guide book will help you save time. This will eventually help you attend all the questions asked in the paper.

3. Time management is of key importance : It is all about managing the time that has been allotted in a good manner. Try mastering the shortcut methods and save time. Don’t waste time solving a question that you don’t have any idea about. Instead of that, move on to the next question. Always keep an eye on your wrist watch.

4. TV and NEWS Paper can be of help : Current Affairs is an integral part of NDA examination. To clear the exam and score well, this section must be well attended to! The best way to do this task is by making use of Television and NEWS Papers. Make use of them to stay up to date on topics associated with Current Affairs as well as National and International NEWS.

5. History of India: Don’t ignore it : It may well be boring to prepare history section. But at least don’t skip the part associated with the history of our country! Lots of questions are asked, which are related to Indian history. Skipping this section will prove to be a costly mistake! Prepare this section well.

Taking care of the above aspects will make sure that you’ll pass the written exam! If necessary, you may also go for NDA Coaching classes and programs. They’ll ensure that your learning process is complete and an accelerated one!

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