Vedic Math Classes in Chandigarh By Sunil Soni Sir

Join Suni sir Vedic Math classes in Chandigarh .Vedic Mathematics is a unique technique of calculations based on simple rules and principles with which many mathematical problems can be solved easily. Anyone who knows it can perform many arithmetic operations without use of paper and in seconds. It is very beneficial to students preparing for entrance examinations as it increases the mental calculation and helps them to calculate much faster as compared to conventional problem-solving ways.


Vedic Mathematics is a system of Mental Mathematics. This system is very helpful in competitive exams where you need to calculate really fast. This system helps in intelligent guessing like say eliminating choices in a CAT or NTSE examination. In the school where you have to show all the calculations in step by step, this method could be used to check your answer and not for calculation because the teachers expect to see how you have arrived at a result.

It is a new and unique system which is based on simple rules and principles. These rules enable mathematical problems of all kinds to solve easily and efficiently. In Vedic Mathematics there are total sixteen “sutras” or formulae and about thirteen “sub-sutras”. Each sutra has a large number of usages at all levels of mathematics calculations. The exercises of Vedic Mathematics are carefully graded to enable the distinct development steps of each method to be mastered. You need a good deal of revision work in the basics as an ongoing practice and this has been taken into account in the composing of exercises. Experience has shown that children avail benefit most from their own practice and experience rather than being continuously provided with explanations of mathematical concepts.


Are you or your child struggling with Mathematics calculations? Would you like to have fun with Math? If yes then this course is for you! In this course at Patrachar Group of Institutions, you can learn everything that you wanted to know about High-Speed Vedic Mathematics. This course will keep you occupied for over 60 topics of Vedic Mathematics. It will increase your Math Skills and give you a competitive edge. The methods and concepts have been explained in over 3 different ways through whiteboard demonstrations, computer presentations, and animations.

Vedic Mathematics is a blessing to everybody in this day and age when numerical skills of people are deteriorating as the use of calculators is increasingly commencing at a younger age. The shorter, quicker and easy to remember techniques of Vedic Mathematics enable any student to do calculations faster than they would with conventional methods. At Patrachar Group of Institutions, learn High-Speed Vedic Mathematics which will enable you to calculate much faster compared to the conventional system.

After this course, you will be able to do seemingly difficult calculations like 998 x 997 in split seconds. It will make a remarkable difference to your confidence and self-esteem. Your mathematics calculation skills will improve and you will be able to perform better. The area of the scope which Vedic Mathematics covers is much larger than the other systems. Through this course, you can do calculations in various Mathematical areas such as Arithmetic, Algebra and even Trigonometry for that matter and simplify and speed up calculations.


  • Vedic Mathematics eradicates the fear of Mathematics and boosts your confidence
  • It improves calculation speed and numerical skills
  • It is an aid to crack scholarship and difficult entrance exams
  • Vedic Mathematics facilitates a habit of analytical thinking and measured approach towards any problem
  • It is useful for everyone: students, professionals, teachers, parents, and the young and old ones
  • It develops your left and the right side of the brain by increasing the visualization and concentration abilities.
  • After Vedic Mathematics classes, you will have fun with Math and will get rid of your Math Phobia
  • You will become a Human Calculator yourself
  • It will increase your speed and accuracy. After this course, you will be able to calculate 10-15 times faster than before
  • It will increase your mental agility and intelligence
  • It will improve your Academic Performance in School

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