RIMC Exam Prep with These Highly-Recommended Books

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) entrance examination is a highly competitive examination; therefore, extensive preparation is required for success. While there are no official RIMC-recommended texts, there are a number of study materials and books that can help you effectively prepare. Here are some well-known publications that can assist you in preparing for the RIMC exam:

1.Pathfinder RIMC Entrance Examination by Arihant Experts:

This book is another popular choice for people who want to get into RIMC. It has a full schedule, practice questions, and answered papers from previous years to help you understand how the test is set up and figure out how well you’re doing in your studies.

Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) Admission Test

2.RIMC Entrance Exam Solved Papers by Upkar Prakashan:

This book is a collection of the answers to the RIMC entrance tests from the past few years. By going over these papers, you will learn a lot about how the test is set up, what kinds of questions are asked, and how to manage your time.

Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Paperback

3.RIMC Entrance Examination Study Package by Dr. N.K. Natarajan:

This comprehensive study package covers all the subjects tested in the RIMC entrance exam, including Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, and Intelligence. It contains practice exercises, solved examples, and previous years’ question papers.

RIMC Entrance Examination Study Package

4.RIMC Entrance Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board

This guidebook is specifically designed for RIMC aspirants and covers all the sections of the exam. It includes practice sets, solved papers, and helpful tips and strategies.

RIMC Entrance Exam Guide

5.RIMC Entrance Exam by M.L. Batura

People who want to get into RIMC often choose this book. It goes over all the topics and gives a lot of practice problems and worked-out examples.

RIMC Entrance Exam by M.L. Batura


 It is vital to keep in mind that while these materials may be useful, it is also necessary to supplement your preparation with frequent self-study, the completion of practice examinations, and maintaining an awareness of current affairs. |


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