Best Books to Crack Sainik School Entrance Exam

When preparing for the Sainik School entrance exam, it’s important to have the right study materials to enhance your preparation. While there are various books available in the market, here are some highly rated books that can help you boost your exam preparation:


1. “Sainik School Entrance Exam Guide” by RPH Editorial Board:

This complete guide goes over all the parts of the Sainik School entrance test, such as mathematics, English, general knowledge, and intelligence. It has practice questions, questions from the year before, and tips on how to do better.

Sainik School Entrance Exam Guide for (9th) Class IX 

2. “Sainik School Entrance Exam Guide” by Disha Publication: 

This guidebook provides a comprehensive study plan for the Sainik School entrance exam. It includes theory, solved examples, practice questions, and previous years’ papers to help you understand the exam pattern.

Guide to Class 6 SAINIK School Entrance Exam with 5 Practice Sets 2nd Edition

3. “Sainik School Entrance Exam Class VI” by Arihant Experts: 

 This book is made for Class VI students who are taking the Sainik School entrance test. It covers all topics, including Math, English, General Knowledge, and Intelligence, in a thorough way. It has a lot of practice questions and old tests that have already been answered.

Sainik School Class 6 Guide 2023 


4. “Sainik School Entrance Exam: Study Guide” by  Disha Experts 

This study guide is made for kids who are studying for the entrance test to Sainik School. It covers all the subjects and focuses on making the concepts clear. It also has a lot of practice problems and answered papers to help students learn.

Guide to SAINIK School Entrance Exam with 5 Practice Sets for Class 6 

5. “Sainik School Entrance Exam Guide” by Dr. Lal and Jain:

People who want to go to Sainik School often choose this guidebook. It goes over all the important topics and ideas that will be on the test. It gives you practice questions, sample tests, and thorough answers to help you get ready.

Sainik School Entrance Exam.


Remember that books are a good resource, but it’s also important to practice, take mock tests, and review regularly. Also, keeping up with current events and general knowledge through newspapers, books, and internet tools will help you do better on the test.


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